Football, Sports & World Cup DVDs

I have recently discovered the AMAZING array of Football and Sports DVDs available for collection at very reasonable prices.

I will post them on this page as I review them.

How exciting =D

16 Days in September - Games Highlights of the XXVII Olympiad
2002 FIFA World Cup: The Highlights (Reedswain)
  • Good highlights DVD of the tournament but perhaps sometimes a bit too fast-paced and rushed: 7-8/10
2006 FIFA World Cup: All the Goals
  • Does what it says, good footage, good memories: 7.5/10
2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Preview
2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa - The Highlights (SBS)
  • The production from SBS is alright but misses some key moments like Yakubu's miss. You are better off buying the Review by 2 Entertain (see below) 7/10
2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa - Review (By 2 Entertain)
  • Fantastic review, key highlights of all matches but too England-biased for their games. 8.5-9/10
All the Goals of the European Championships 1996
All the Goals of the European Championships 2000
All The Goals of the World Cup 98
Asian Cup 2015 - Australian Victory Pack
  • Does what it says, gives you all 6 matches Australia played in. Does nothing else special. 6.5/10
ΑθHNA 2004 (Greek Highlights, Opening Ceremony, Closing Ceremony, Official Review)
Athens 2004 - Olympic Games - Official Review
  • Covers 'highlights' of all events, although some more briefly than others. 7/10
Beijing 2008 Highlights (NBC)
  • Quite a poor selection of highlights as it is USA dominated, with the exception of Usain Bolt's races. But what is shown is still good, it's just that the coverage is disappointing. 6/10
Beijing 2008 Complete Opening Ceremony (NBC)
  • Great DVD that shows the whole opening ceremony. 9/10
Beijing 2008 - Michael Phelps - Inside Story of the Olympic Games (NBC)
Bud Greenspan's Favorite Stories of Olympic Glory
Bud Greenspan's Salt Lake 2002: Stories of Olympic Gold
Capturing the Cup (ICC Cricket World Cup Australia Victory Pack)
  • Quite a good overview of all the World Cups up until 2007 and how each team rose to the top (eg Pakistan in 1992; Sri Lanka in 1996; West Indies in 1975 and 1979; India in 1983; and of course Australia's accomplishments in 1999, 2003 and 2007)
Champions: Manchester United 2012/2013 Review
Champions: Leicester City 2015/2016 Review (The Story that Defied the Odds)
Destination Germany
  • Qualification campaign of all qualified nations for the 2006 World Cup. EXTREMELY repetitive profiles of the host cities. Apart from that the content is good. 5.5-6/10
England 3 Argentina 2
England's Road to Germany
  • Interesting qualification campaign of England. 7/10
FIFA Fever Volume 1
  • A surprisingly enjoyable watch, covering miscellaneous trivia and history of football, including top players in each position and remarkable events. 8-8.5/10
FIFA Fever Volume 2
  • Not as good as Volume 1.
FIFA World Cup DVD Collection 1930-2006
  • 15 DVD set covering each World Cup. Some DVDs are better than others. Film-making style changes rapidly from year to year and the quality of the older films is somewhat lacking (but that is to be expected). Notable ones were 1930, 2006, 2002 and another one, possibly 1958 or 1954. Overall rating: 7/10
Football Comes Home, England 4: Holland 1
Germany 1: England 5
Goals (and Review) of the Season 2006/2007
  • Possibly my favourite Goals of the Season DVD because of the sheer variety of goals. 9/10
Goals of the Season 2007/2008
Goals of the Season 2008/2009
Goals (and Review) of the Season 2009/2010
Goals (and Review) of the Season 2010/2011
(Premier League) Goals of the Season 2011/2012
Golden Moments of the UEFA Championships
  • Interesting but very very short DVD
ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 - Highlights and Official Film
ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 - Highlights and Official Film
London 2012 Olympic Games - BBC Package (Opening and Closing Ceremony and predominantly British Highlights)
Manchester City Champions 2011/2012
  • Good coverage of Man City's first winning campaign. 7.5-8/10
One Night in Turin
Qantas Socceroos - Their Journey to 2010
  • Highlights of each 2010 qualification match. Alright. 6-6.5/10
Rugby World Cup 2003 - Official Review
Rugby World Cup 2003 - The Final
Rugby World Cup 2007 - Official Review
Rugby World Cup 2011 - Official Review
Rugby World Cup 2015- Official Review
  • Good summary and highlights of the whole tournament but there is only so much you can put into a 104 minute video (so obviously some matches will not be extensively covered): 8/10
Rugby World Cup Greatest Moments
  • Interesting overview of Rugby World Cup history up until 2003. 7.5/10
Rugby World Cup Greatest Tries
Salt Lake 2002: Figure Skating, The Competition
Salt Lake 2002: Figure Skating, The Exhibition
Sport Greats Collection: Greatest Athletes
  • Fantastic DVD coverage of Usain Bolt, Edwin Moses, Nadia Comăneci, Michael Johnson, Haile Gebrselassie, Heike Dreschsler, Sergey Bubka, Carl Lewis apparently compiled by the History Channel. Each about 25 minutes in length - 9.5/10
Super Socceroos: The Shooting Stars
Sydney 2000: The Official Highlights
Sydney 2000: The Opening Ceremony
The History of the UEFA Champions League
The 2006 FIFA World Cup Film - The Grand Finale
  • Interesting in some respects but most footage is too close-up and difficult to see. Tries to be cinematic and dramatic but does not work very well. 5.5-6.5/10
The Magic of the FA Cup: The Greatest Goals
  • Interesting DVD but not worth the premium price: 6.5-7/10
The Official Review of UEFA Euro 2012 & All the Goals
  • Relatively good and somewhat full match highlights from each match, this is my favourite series to watch. 9/10
The Official Review of UEFA Euro 2008 & All the Goals
  • Relatively good and somewhat full match highlights from each match, this is my favourite series to watch. 9/10
(The Stars, The Goals &) The Official Review of UEFA Euro 2004
  • Relatively good and somewhat full match highlights from each match, this is my favourite series to watch. 9/10
Thomas Cup: The Glory of Chinese Badminton
  • Blurry footage!
Ultimate Jordan DVD Collection
Wimbledon - The 2008 Men's Final

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