List of Respect

On one hand, it is an absolutely fantastic thing to honour and pay our respects to those who have left us and passed away (in fact, it is not just a fantastic thing - I feel it is an obligation that we must adhere to).

On the other hand, I feel it is a great tragedy of this world that we only have the time to say all the 'good things' about people when they have departed from this earth. As to that, I say this: how disturbing and sad!

In my view, we should embrace the positive aspects of our friends' and loved ones' lives while they are STILL ALIVE, especially if they are going through a rough time and need a bit of encouragement.

Of course, we all have negative attributes. I can only speak for myself - I have too many to name. But I feel that it is more constructive to focus on what we are good at - and to keep striving to better ourselves (if that were even possible!).

So from now on, every now and then, I will seek to write a brief 'tribute' (if you like) for not just my friends and family, but perhaps for people I do not even know or know little about.

After all, when it comes to life, I find that it can often be quite strange: you can learn the most profound of things even from someone you have never met.

Without further ado here is my list (it's a work in progress)

Bob Lin
Chloe Lim
Chuen Tang
Desmond Tan
Diana Liu
Eng Ee Lim
Hari Raja
Jason Wong
Joanne Lee

Note: I intend to tell the people whom I am writing about. Obviously if they don't want this on here, I will happily take it off.


Andre Lim

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