About me and about this site (UPDATED!)


Thanks for visiting this site.

My name is Andre Lim.

I used to buy board, party and card games almost every week for about 2 years (from about mid-2013 to early 2015); however I began to run out of space, my friends became much too busy to try them out with me and I also realised I was getting far too greedy - so I stopped buying them (not that I dislike them - I still quite like them).

I used to also read fantasy fiction quite extensively; however, unfortunately, my experience of university killed off my passion for reading. Being swamped with readings, textbooks and cases was one surefire way of ensuring I would avoid touching a book for leisurely purposes. I still read though of course, but in a much more limited capacity (eg for work or graphic novels).

These are things I used to do.

However, what I still am very much interested in are the following topics, ideas or hobbies (in no particular order):
  1. Learning about people's culture, heritage and background;
  2. The different countries of the world and their values;
  3. Creativity - particularly, how people express their ideas in this world;
  4. Music in general but specifically soundtracks, classical music and video game music;
  5. How people pass their time when they are not working;
  6. Storylines or plotlines, whether they are for books, comics or movies ("the bigger picture");
  7. Lists;
  8. People who are willing to stand up for their convictions, even if their views are against the popular majority;
  9. Taking an interest in other people's hobbies, even if I myself do not enjoy them (I am always curious to see what others are interested in);
  10. Old people - they have lots of stories to tell from their experiences and dealings with adversity;
  11. Food (eating, not cooking hahahaha);
  12. Most sports in general;
  13. How we should use our time during our limited time on this earth, including helping the poor, sick and those in need; and
  14. Testimonies about overcoming adversity (this I feel is important when encouraging young people or those who are going through a rough time).
The main purpose of this website is probably just to allow me a place where I can share my thoughts, not so much for everyone else, but just as a medium for their record for my own reflection and amusement. 

However if by chance it helps someone else, then that is an excellent thing too =)


Andre Lim

19 September 2015

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