Monday 6 April 2015

Video Game Music: Crash Bandicoot 2 - Cortex Strikes Back

Equally as impressive as the first soundtrack.

Mark Mothersbaugh is incredibly consistent.

Ranked List

For the record, it was incredibly difficult separating the first two songs on this list.

1) Warp Room Theme: I chose this as my #1 because of the huge nostalgia factor. The happy-go-lucky carefree melody coupled with those electronic notes makes for a great warp room theme as Crash carefully selects which adventure/level he is about to embark on.

2) Piston it Away, Spaced Out: An amalgamation of synthetic lines and mechanical, half-techo, rhythms and beats. This was originally my favourite piece of music, until I had a think about it.

3) Dr N Gin Boss Music: The rocking of the synthetic guitar and the tense notes create this impression that Crash is about to face a very tough battle (not as tough as the music suggests though).

4) Road to Ruin, Ruination: There is something about this theme that gives it some swagger. Perhaps it is the tempo and rhythm, coupled with the interesting "Aztec" (if I can call it that) melody and the interjection of the vocalist. However the theme becomes more interesting in the mid-portions, with some longer drawn out notes and a change in tone that, to me, sounds like a yearning or longing for something.

4) Rock it, Pack Attack: Taking the player on a ride down insanity street, the music starts off slow, wacky and almost delusional - as if Crash is out of touch with reality (possibly reflecting the emotion/excitement of Crash as he begins his journey through outer space). The music speeds up and turns a bit too crazy for my total liking, but the opening to mid-portion of this song is simply fantastic.

6) Turtle Woods, The Pits, Night Fight: A relaxed, happy and casual stroll through the woods, with an almost tribal sort of flavour. A fitting theme for the first level of the game (from memory).

7) Hang Eight, Air Crash, Plant Food: A groovy melody, reminscent of days gone past. Reminds me of surfers trying to latch onto a huge wave.

As usual, I have probably missed a gem or two. If realised, I will come back to amend this list.


Andre Lim

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