Sunday 24 January 2016

One key to enjoying life is...?

By assigning a score out of 10, where a score of 0 means you 'Strongly Disagree' and a score of 10 means you 'Strongly Agree', how much do you agree with the below quote?

"One key to enjoying life is to not take yourself too seriously.
(What does it mean to take 'yourself too seriously'? If someone makes fun or light of you - say in a trivial rather than significant way - do you feel the urge to defend yourself or fight back? Do you feel the need to 'clear your reputation'? If so, perhaps you take yourself too seriously - perhaps by this definition we all take ourselves too seriously.)
 In this life, you will find no shortage of people who will:
  • Hurl insults at you
  • Offend, hurt or shame you 
  • Talk negative things behind your back
  • Emotionally abuse you 
Assuming no physical violence is involved, must you necessarily defend yourself from their empty words?
Of course, you could if you wanted to, but if you apply this approach to all your life, you may find that you will be doing this ad infinitum. How long can you sustain this before it starts to take its toll on you?
Have nothing to do with these people, but at the same time, don't let their schemes affect you because it is simply just not worth it.
You deserve better than that.
As far as is humanly possible, try to be at peace with everyone around you.
And if there can be no peace, so be it - you tried your best. Perhaps, in most scenarios, it is better to just smile and walk away. You do not always need to clear your name.

Andre Lim

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