Thursday 22 December 2016

Chloe Lim

For as long as I can remember, I have always tried to make my sister laugh.

This has had varying degrees of success over the years - meaning I've had many hits and misses LOL

However what I have found is that the laughter is usually caused by some joke on myself; me making a fool of myself; or me coming up with some absolutely ridiculous thought or idea that doesn't make sense :)

The reason this has gone on for so long is simple: I love my sister and I have always enjoyed seeing her smile.

(For that matter, I enjoy seeing all of my friends and family laugh too)

So...I thought I'd do this short write-up for Chloe, in celebration of her birthday tomorrow.


Chloe is a bit of an adventurous hipster (in the positive sense of the word). She likes trying out new things, and is usually quite good at sticking out from the crowd - not just fashion-wise but also in terms of her tastes and interests. Perhaps this may or may not explain why she is quite sociable and enjoys talking to people, despite any age gap and setting. Importantly, she is quite frank and VOCAL about her opinions. That means she, more often than not, tells it as it is. I like that trait about her -------

(----- whereas her brother, on the other hand, usually tries to be a bit more diplomatic [and this does not always work!])

Chloe is somewhat independent, jovial and quite compassionate about alleviating poverty. She is a bit of a pioneer in our family when it comes to giving to charitable organisations and/or trying to find some way to make the world a better place - she does not mind taking that leap of faith despite the bad track record of a few of these organisations. On that note, we've actually had some pretty disheartening experiences of late when it comes to this front, but I am sure that will not discourage her from the cause.

Chloe is, notably, also the avid movie-goer and critic. She's up-to-date with most Hollywood releases. She knows her actors and actresses fairly well too. She's usually at the movies watching a latest release, especially when exams are over!

Speaking of exams, it's also worth mentioning that Chloe is quite the intelligent person, having aced her uni exams in Psychology and achieved a comfortable Distinction average. She is certainly more studious than I was when I was at uni.

Chloe and I also share similar music tastes (but they are not exactly the same). We also share similar world views (but, again, they are not exactly the same). I've always enjoyed talking to Chloe about things in life and sharing my viewpoints and experiences as they unfold.

I am thankful to God that I have had Chloe to keep me company over all these years. While I've certainly been very far from being a good older brother, I can only hope that Chloe is still as proud to have me as her brother as she was at the time the above photo was taken.

Andre Lim

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