Tuesday 28 March 2017

Socceroos break their drought!


Quick thoughts: Although we didn't seem to create too much from open chances, we are back to winning ways through 2 headers off corners. A win is a win and I'm not complaining! :) Let's stick to our strengths.

Troisi, Irvine, Milligan and Sainsbury were quite good as well.

Leckie has scored 2 goals in 2 matches, both off set pieces in similar positions.

This is a great start that has tipped the momentum back into our favour.

However the journey ahead is still fraught with a lot of danger! We still have a lot of room for improvement as well.

So, for example, a thought just occurred to me:

If Saudi Arabia win all their games except our game, then on the final day they will be on 19 points (2 wins) with 1 game left to play against Japan.

They look to have a superior goal difference to us.

Even if we win 2 home games and draw with Japan, we will sit on 20 [Big IFs I know]

If Japan and Saudi Arabia were to collude on a draw with each other on the last match day, Saudi Arabia would scrape through at our expense on goal difference....

So we would rely on the Blue Samurai beating the Saudis..

Given our history with our arch rivals though, would they do that for us?!!

Of course this all changes if Australia:

  • score a lot against Thailand; 
  • win 2-0 or more against Saudi Arabia;
  • Saudi Arabia or Japan slip up in other matches;
  • we beat Japan away.

(provided we win all our home games)

I am not celebrating so soon, we'll have to wait for 8 June first!

Andre Lim

PS I was in great company too, so it was a lovely night :)

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