Sunday 11 June 2017

Qianyi Hung

Dear Qianyi,

Happy birthday!

I didn't get you a card..

But I have this little tradition of doing a write-up for each of my friends in or around their birthdays.

I've not gotten around to all my friends just yet but what normally happens is I talk about all the things I like about a particular friend - usually in the hope that it is either encouraging to them, or others who may not have known about those aspects of their lives.

So I think it would be pretty absurd if I didn't do one for you!

So where do I start?

(I'll keep it short)

When we first got to know each other, what stood out to me the most was definitely your sense of humour. You have a lovely laugh and smile. Interestingly, you are graceful enough to have the occasional laugh at yourself, but at the same time you also have this unique way of looking at things from a different viewpoint or angle and finding something ‘random’ to laugh at. Which is kind of what I do too LOL. I think this is a refreshing and excellent trait and goes well with your inquisitive nature.
I also admire your proactiveness, your leadership skills and your ability to solve practical problems. To complement these, you are a solid people person and a great ‘people manager’ too. I think a good example of this is seen through the various events and activities you organise for church friends, and your commitment to your lifegroup. Your friends, particularly Edith and Tiffany, are also powerhouses in that respect, and I think that reflects very well on you.

These above attributes may or may not explain your passion for connecting isolated people to communities, particularly church communities. As you’ve mentioned to me before, there are quite a lot of lonely people out there waiting to be found, and I think this drive of yours to reach out for them (and to offer your time and service in that regard) is fantastic and to your credit.

You are also kind-hearted, respectful, random, funny and great company.

What I find really cool about all of this is the number of interests we have in common that are bizzarely aligned and almost a ‘bonus’ to all of the things that I’ve mentioned above. It is also quite amazing that we think alike and share similar world views.

So... I have probably embarrassed you enough so I think I should stop there.

I know our journey's just started but I just wanted you to know that this is what I thought of you. I am looking forward to our adventures ahead :)

I hope you had a wonderful day.

Andre Lim

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