Wednesday 12 August 2015

So what really is important in life?

My colleague showed me this profound 'article' today (Please click on the photo to look at it in full size).

I quite like reading these kinds of articles because it puts all my worries into perspective.

Nothing is as precious as life itself.

All relevant rights and credit goes to Dr Vale Anthony Imbrosciano and the University of Notre Dame. 
In Principio, 2008 Semester 2, Volume 19 (No.2): Page 8

My favourite parts of his eulogy are:
"It is quite amazing how a major existential crisis can force ideas to crystallise at an extraordinary pace. It is as if the gift of crisis brings with it a certain sharpness of mind, cutting straight through a lot of the nonsense that can hinder the onset of real wisdom. The puzzle suddenly resolves itself, where previously no breakthrough really seemed possible...."
"So what really is important?
1. Being reconciled with God...Accepting God's will, being at peace with God's will in every moment...
3 To have trodden lightly in this world, leaving soft footprints behind. That is, having a clear conscience, to have left as little hurt in the world as possible...
6. Having absolutely no sense of "entitlement".
7. Lastly, Grace! The realisation that it is all a gift. We are held from moment to moment by grace alone. That everything is pure gift." 

What an amazing person Dr Imbrosciano must have been.

Thank you for sharing this.

I do not know who you were, but I think you must have been a really cool person. I wish your family all the best and hope they are well.

Andre Lim

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