Saturday 19 September 2015

Chelsea v Arsenal - the game that made me stop watching EPL

Alright, perhaps this is an extreme reaction - and I agree it is - but if this is the standard of refereeing that the English Premier League will provide, then I simply refuse to watch any future English Premier League matches as a matter of principle.

Of course, referees make mistakes.

What is critical for me, however, in any sport is integrity, fairness and justice.

I didn't see any of that today so I refuse to watch anymore of this.

The person at fault got away with it and the relatively innocent (perhaps not completely innocent? - doesn't matter though) party was harshly punished. It puts a bad taste in my mouth and I refuse to watch any more.

Yes I admit it does come across as a bit self-righteous in many respects but that is just the way I feel...........I just don't like seeing the "bad guy" getting away with foul play.

Andre Lim

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