Sunday 6 September 2015

Happy _________ Day!!

Today is Father's Day.

As with Mother's Day, Children's Day (?), Valentine's Day, a Birthday, a Wedding Anniversary or some other occasion I have carelessly forgotten, I think Father's Day is a fantastic reason to celebrate and appreciate our fathers. And so should it be too with the other Days I have mentioned for the respective people we are appreciating  =)

In particular I think the group of people, or the person, responsible for bringing about these celebratory days have done a great job =)


what I must say is that these Days should NOT be the ONLY days in which we stop to appreciate someone we love.

I mean seriously, how bad is it if your mum, dad or sweetheart has to wait for that 1, or perhaps 2, days in the whole calendar year for you to spend a bit of time to appreciate them?! 

(Specifically, I am thinking of the scenario where a mother or father only gets to see their now adult and independent children on Father's Day or Mother's Day)

In my view we should show our love, respect, appreciation and admiration for those we care about as much as we can and as often as we can!!!!

Of course, it is great that we allocate special days to demonstrate this even more and I'm not suggesting for a moment that we shouldn't do this - but the critical point is that we shouldn't pigeon hole our loved ones into a particular day of the year.

On a similar note, why do so many artists (or people in general) only get properly recognised after they die? Should we not respect and admire those who are still alive -- ie. while they still walk amongst us?!

Easier said than done of course!!

I myself have been a hypocrite on many an occasion in the above respects.

Andre Lim

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