Monday 16 January 2017

Singapore and Malaysia CNY 2017: Food list

So my friend recently compiled a list of CNY and non-CNY foods she wanted to eat for the festive trip back.

I thought I should do my own food list!

In reverse order of priority:

26. Murtabak
25. Roti canaito remember what the real stuff tastes like (vs the frozen and Aussie style ones)
24. Teh Tarik 
23. Cow’s ear/pig’s ear biscuits
22. Bak gua (肉干)

21. Rambutan
20. Claypot chicken rice
19. Gui ling gao (龜苓膏)
18. Tau fu fa (豆腐花)
17. Wonton noodles

16. Sting ray with chilli
15. Hainan Chicken rice
14. Pineapple tarts (roll type)
13. Some grass jelly and/or lychee dessert
12. Try some new Asian-only interesting-looking thing from McDonald’s, KFC or Burger King
11. Wat Tan Hor

10. Find the shop in Singapore which I visited in 2011 that sells nice Rogan Josh
9. Buddha Jumps Over the Wall (I saw this during my trip in 2011 and have always wanted to know what this tastes like - plus the name is funny)
8. Duck noodles…with chilli sauce from Phillip street in Singapore
7. Fishball noodle soup with lou shi fun (lao shu fen) – from Kampar
6.  (Any meal with really good chilli sauce)

5. Try some interesting-looking thing from a random supermarket in Singapore and Malaysia
4. Curry twisties
3. Fried fish balls from Kampar
2. Hot barley drink

1. Tori-Q chicken balls and unagi

Realistically, I will probably only get half to three-quarters done, but who knows? 

Andre Lim

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