Wednesday 17 February 2016

Diana Liu (劉家慧)

I first met Diana in my first year of uni, although to be honest, I cannot recall the exact circumstances surrounding our first meeting.

(Sadly, my earliest memory of our friendship was me deciding to crash her Micro Economics tutorial on one occasion.*)

In many respects, Diana is something of a 'queen of courtesy and manners'. Not only is her politeness apparent in her conversation as well as her body language, but you'd also be rather hard pressed to hear her say anything negative about her friends. To the contrary, Diana almost always has positive things to say about people, which demonstrates her kind and caring nature. If I'm not mistaken, Diana is no stranger to etiquette classes on table manners and courtesy which shows you just how far she goes!!

Perhaps this personality trait may explain why she is such an avid fan of figure** skating, one of the more gentle sports where athletes grace the ice with charm and flair. Of course, in this discipline, athletes compete ferociously to the best of their ability (as in any other sport) but that ferocity only manifests in the performance itself: there is no place for, and indeed, it would be disrespectful to demonstrate, hostility or aggression against one's fellow contestants while on the field. When put that way it is easy to see why Diana would fancy such a sport.

Her courtesy may also explain why - and she is likely to deny this claim - she has had her fair share of popularity with the opposite gender. Not that she deliberately seeks such attention. And not that I would know first-hand either as our relationship has been purely platonic...but perhaps I shall not embarrass her further...

I should also state for the record that Diana is a hard-worker and very conscientious of the work she performs. She is resourceful and I get the impression that she is always happy to learn new things at work, and to continue building on her professional strengths. I am confident that she has all the attributes required to be a successful lawyer.

At the time of writing I understand Diana is going through a difficult time. My thoughts and prayers are with you, if that even counts for anything, but I know you are a very strong person and you will find what you are looking for :)

Over the years I have found Diana to be open-minded and keen to talk about most topics under the sun. We have had our share of controversial topics where we disagree with each other's opinion but that doesn't stop us from expressing our thoughts freely and we respect each other's viewpoints on life. I think this is a very valuable and healthy exercise for anyone to engage in. Life is too short to engage in petty quarrels :)

I should note that, at this stage of this post, I suddenly and very randomly recall the various past-midnight video game encounters Diana and I have shared. But perhaps that is a story for another time. Video games are not something you would immediately associate with Diana, to be sure.

Finally, I'd like to close with this: Thank you for being a good friend to me Diana. I'm sure our mutual friends can also vouch for you too.

Andre Lim

* This was very uncharacteristic of me. So long as the course permitted me to, I would do everything in my power to skip classes. But I suppose this was first year after all.

** An earlier version of this post said ice skating which is incorrect.

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