Wednesday 3 February 2016

Hard Work v Raw Talent

By assigning each quote a score out of 10, where a score of 0 means you 'Strongly Disagree' and a score of 10 means you 'Strongly Agree', how much do you agree with the below quotes?

Quote 1
"Hard work always overcomes raw talent."
(That is, someone who works hard will, in the end, always 'be better than' someone who is exceptionally gifted.)

Quote 2
"Hard work tends to overcome raw talent when the 'raw talent' chooses to remain idle."
(That is, someone who works hard will, eventually, in all probability, 'be better than' the 'raw talent' where the 'raw talent' chooses to do nothing to hone, maintain or improve their exceptional ability.)

Quote 3

"Hard work tends to overcome raw talent, where the 'hardworker' works significantly harder than the 'raw talent' who is not idle but works as well, just not as hard."

(That is to say, the hardworker will still be better than the 'raw talent', even where the 'raw talent' does not stay idle and puts in a moderate amount of work so long as the 'hardworker' is willing to go the extra distance.)

Assume the following:
  • The hardworker or the person who has to work hard is someone who is not very talented but not that bad either at what they do - say an average person of their field.  
  • The 'raw talent' is someone who is gifted with exceptional talent and can outperform most.
  • You can think of the above quotes in any context, including but not limited to sport or professional work.

My (preliminary!) scores:

Quote 1 
5 - possibly even 3

Quote 2
8 or 9, I think

Quote 3
This is tricky.
Maybe 5 or 6.
Hard to say, it can work either way.

Andre Lim

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