Saturday 14 May 2016

Chuen Tang


I've not done a tribute for some time now but I thought it would be fitting to do one in honour of my friend Chuen Tang, whose birthday would have "quietly" been kept to himself some 2 days ago on 12 May 2016...

...were it not for the wonderful intervention of his cousin Sarah who surprised him in front of his friends with a birthday cake :)

One thing that comes to mind with Chuen is that he is a real thinker and a genuine genius. Certainly there can be no doubt about this when one considers the fact that he is more-or-less on the cusp of securing First-Class Honours in his Biomechanical/Mechatronics Engineering course. However, I find that he also has a good all-round knowledge of many things, be it science, sport or everyday topics. He knows what he is talking about.

But the more impressive thing about Chuen, in my view, is that he is a humble individual who displays exemplary qualities far beyond that of his age group. He is friendly, gentle, mild-mannered, respectful, kind, and never truly makes a big deal about how intelligent he is. Certainly I admire him for being such a mature individual in this respect. In my view, although I am his senior by a small amount, I actually think he is more mature and down-to-earth than I am. In fact, I would go so far as to say that I have more to learn from him than he does from me.

Chuen is also a great musician, singer, worship leader and indeed, Christian leader. Along with Uel, Shannelle, Josh, Collette and many others who I have not named, he has contributed much to the lives of the young adults and youth group. Sometimes I think that the organisation of such groups can be a thankless job, but I reckon all the people I've mentioned do a great job. Chuen is a large and important contributor in that respect.

At this stage I must give full credit to his parents, Uncle Yong and Aunty Fui, for having raised such a polite and lovely person. Having visited his house on a few occasions, I can tell he has been brought up well and his kindness is reflected in the warm and loving environment established by his parents. I am thankful that, through Chuen, I have also gotten to know his parents, who in my view, are kind-hearted individuals.

Of course, on a topic of relatively minor importance, I also quite enjoy talking to Chuen about football - particularly given that he supports Liverpool FC. Although passionate about his club, he does not let any aspect of it get to his head - which I think is absolutely key. Certainly these days some fans get too 'passionate' about the clubs they support and they let bad results ruin their day. Chuen would be the last person to let something like that happen to him. He has a balanced temperament which is very commendable.

Could I just say that I am very grateful for your warm friendship Chuen and I wish you all the happiness and the very best for everything you do.Truthfully I don't think you need to worry too much (we all worry a little) about life after university. God is with you.

I have ordered your birthday present about half an hour ago, and I hope you like it LOL. Please excuse my tardiness.

Andre Lim

**PS. Today you said your first name was actually the Chinese character for 'total' or 'complete' or 'circle' - if I had to guess could it be this character?

Because 全部 (Quánbù) means complete/total and 全 means something similar like all/whole.

Apologies if I am wrong.

(Quán táng)

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