Monday 13 June 2016

Brazil - Peru: 0-1


Peru score off a blatant 'hand-of-God' style punch from Raul Ruidiaz.

Now let's be clear on this: I wanted Peru to get through to the knockout stages...but not like this!!

I have mixed feelings about it all.

What I want to know is: why did the referee spend a good two minutes talking to his assistant referees about the controversy...only in the end for him to make the wrong call?!?!

The other interesting tell-tale sign is this: Raul Ruidiaz (I think) did not actually celebrate like crazy (as perhaps would be expected) when the goal was awarded - all he did was give a cheeky smile. Surely you could tell that something was up!!

Brazil will certainly complain about this. Given the scale of this grievance - we are talking about Brazil here - surely now is the time to bring in video refereeing?! Unless we are happy with controversial decisions like this?

Brazil were robbed! Their outstanding record of (as far as I am aware) mostly making it to the knockout stages of a major competition has now been tarnished.

Andre Lim

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