Thursday 23 June 2016

Euro 2016 - Round of 16 Predictions

Time for some quick predictions.

Poland to beat Switzerland: 1-0

Croatia to beat Portugal 2-1 -- Portugal to awaken from slumber and give Croatia a hard time.

Hungary 1-1 Belgium, Belgium win on penalties - Hungary to put up a strong challenge against Belgium.

Wales 2-1 Northern Ireland - harder match than most think.

Germany to beat Slovakia 2-1 - a tougher fight than most think.

Italy to beat Spain 1-1, penalty shootout. Italy retain their better record over Spain.

France to beat Ireland 2-0

England to perhaps edge out Iceland 1-1 on penalties (to everyone's surprise).

In my heart though I would like: Slovakia to beat Germany, Ireland to beat France, Iceland to beat England, Hungary to beat Belgium, Spain to beat Italy and the balance as above. I am too predictable - I always support the underdog.

My fantasy team has also undergone a drastic change, due to this crazy draw:

Andre Lim

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