Wednesday 2 July 2014

World Cup Observations 17: Round of 16 Round-up Part 2

Waking up early is starting to take its toll on me so I don't have anything particularly insightful to say (and in fairness nor did I last time!):

France v Nigeria
  • Funny thing is I set my alarm for 3am (about half-time) but even after turning off the alarm I just couldn't get up.  I went back to sleep half a minute later and woke up in time for Germany v Algeria (6am). It was a really nice sleep
  • Don't know enough about this match to say anything, but I am surprised that it was scoreless for so long 
  • Apparently some are saying that Nigeria should have been awarded a penalty earlier on

Germany v Algeria
  • Watched all of this
  • Algeria gave a good fight and had two good chances at the beginning
  • It was probably only a matter of time before Germany penetrated the defence but at one stage it did look like  we could end up with penalties
  • Funny Muller free kick as well

Argentina v Switzerland
  • Did not watch this match
  • Saw the highlights and noticed how both Argentina and Switzerland both had many chances on goal.
  • di Maria's end-game goal came off a Messi assist, which in turn, was caused by a very very costly Swiss mistake in giving away possession
  • The Swiss launched an all-out attack at the death (goalkeeper up-front as well) and  had a chance to equalise but missed. What an opportunity
  • Argentina keep scraping victories - good thing or bad thing? Possibly a good thing, as long as Messi is fit
  • Both goalkeepers seemed to be great, but the Swiss goalkeeper was busier

USA v Belgium
  • Only watched the second-half plus extra time (all the action occurred in the latter period), but I was slightly distracted by something else so wasn't paying much attention. I re-watched the highlights though
  • Belgium seemed to have many shots on target, despite the stats telling me that the USA had the higher possession
  • Tim Howard made a lot of good saves (and broke the record for the most number of saves in a World Cup match too)
  • Both sides had incredible chances
  • De Bruyne and Lukaku did all the damage; each essentially assisting the other for their respective goals
  • What a great shot by Green the substitute - should they have had him on earlier?
  • What an opportunity for the US to equalise with the set piece towards the end.
3/4 of these matches went into extra time, giving a total of 5/8 that went into extra time for the Round of 16! Apparently it's also the first time ever that all Group Winners have won the Round of 16.

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