Tuesday 8 July 2014

World Cup Observations 20: Semi-finals guessing

These are more random guesses or perhaps they are really the triumph of hope over expectation. I can't be bothered analysing the teams but I will say some basic thoughts about each match.

Brazil v Germany
  • Neymar out; Thiago Silva out; Brazil under pressure to win at home (though arguably, they have less pressure now) BUT they will want to avenge Neymar's loss.
  • Germany look the more consistent.
  • Perhaps I am just biased against Brazil (as evidenced from my very wrong prediction that Colombia would beat them) - I've been wanting them to lose since day one of the tournament. At the same time, they haven't completely impressed though. 
  • I will say Germany to win 1-0

Netherlands v Argentina
  • Argentina seem to have composed defence in the last two matches (? - I can't really say if I know that because I didn't really watch their matches. This is superficially going off their scorelines)
  • Netherlands have good attack, even if most hit the bar or missed in the last match. 
  • Argentina obviously have Messi and a potentially lethal Higuain, but di Maria is apparently out
  • My heart says Netherlands, but my mind says Argentina. I stick with my heart
  • 1-1 penalties, NED to win. 

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