Wednesday 25 June 2014

World Cup Observations 12.5 (Continued): Colombia rampant

I forgot to mention that I caught the highlights reel of the Colombia-Japan match (I was too sleepy to watch this match live, after the Uruguay/Italy match ended at about 4am). It appeared to be utter domination, with Jackson Martinez bagging a brace. If Suarez is banned from the World Cup, I think Colombia should be able to deal with Uruguay relatively comfortably.

I didn't watch the Costa Rica-England match; I only watched bits and pieces (flipping from the Uruguay/Italy match from 3.30am onwards). But no one can fault Costa Rica for drawing it out, even if it was scoreless, given their two wins in previous matches. Apparently England created a lot of chances but I didn't see them.

I look forward to Greece-Costa Rica, as it's anyone's game.

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